Main image of article MacBook Pro Will Get Thinner in April... So They Say
MacBook ProIf the rumors are to be believed and you are in the market for a new MacBook Pro (MBP), then you might want to keep your credit card safely out of harm’s way for another month – Apple is said to be getting ready to unveil new 2012 MBP models in April. The new models are said to be thinner than the current generation of MBP but thicker than MacBook Airs. Processors will be from the new Intel 22nm Ivy Bridge family. The timing sounds right, at about a year after the last major refresh. Aside from processor, battery and GPU improvements, Apple has not really broken new ground with its MBP line since the unibody model was introduced in 2008. While it may be time for a new case, there simply isn't a lot of room to spare in the unibody case without shedding the optical drive – so we can expect that to go. As fond as Apple seems to be of touch screens, a touch screen MBP would come as a surprise – the ergonomics don’t quite work.