Main image of article This City Drove the Most Tech-Job Growth: Report
Which U.S. city leads the nation in creating the most tech-related jobs? Mark Schill, a research director at strategy firm Praxis Strategy Group, crunched a decade’s worth of employment data from 52 metropolitan areas, and came up with an interesting answer: Austin, which enjoyed a 73.9 percent growth in tech-related employment between 2004 and 2014, along with a 36.4 percent growth in STEM jobs. Check out the latest tech jobs in Austin. Raleigh came in second on that list, followed by San Jose, Houston, San Francisco, Salt Lake City and Seattle. Forbes has a complete rundown of the results, as well as the underlying methodology; it bears mentioning that, with regard to technology-related employment, Schill didn’t just count tech pros; if you’re a non-tech employee at a technology firm, such as a receptionist or a chef, you also counted among the “tech folks.” As Schill mentions in the Forbes piece, many of the top cities on the list “all tend to be emerging tech centers,” where the explosive rate of growth often belies a relatively small tech community in absolute terms. For big cities such as San Francisco and Seattle, the 10-year rise in tech-related employment dovetails neatly with the rise (and rise, and rise) of tech titans such as Google and Amazon, as well as a plethora of aggressive startups.

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