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If you’re interested in a tech job in a particular industry, you know that tech skills sometimes aren’t enough—you also need industry-specific knowledge, including certain tools and protocols.

Given how long it takes to learn the nuances of a particular industry, those technologists with industry-specific skills are particularly valuable, especially for more senior positions. Employers in healthcare, for example, are willing to pay a premium for technologists who can design and maintain systems with HIPAA in mind.

But which industries are hungriest for technologists? For an answer, we can turn to CompTIA’s monthly job report, which breaks down open tech job postings by industry:

Let’s sidestep professional, scientific, and technical services (which need lots of technologists, of course) and focus on finance and manufacturing, which are well ahead of other industries when it comes to a need for technologists. Finance is a key destination for many technologists; some of the biggest firms in the space, like Goldman Sachs, compete aggressively against big tech companies like Google and Meta for the best developers and engineers. All kinds of highly advanced finance activities, from algorithm-based quant trading to crypto, require technologists well-versed in programming languages, software development, and problem-solving.

Manufacturing is also heavily tech-driven, especially with the rise of automation and advanced robotics. Subindustries such as chip manufacturing require highly specialized talent; as Intel and other companies prepare to build out new U.S. plants for manufacturing semiconductors (thanks in large part to the CHIPS and Science Act, which will invest billions to help with the buildout) they’ll need technologists well-versed in intricacies such as mechanical engineering, physics, and applied mechanics.

Manufacturing has become increasingly dependent on machine learning and A.I. to automate the running of complex assembly lines. Mastery of these cutting-edge disciplines, combined with manufacturing knowledge, could make you an incredibly valuable asset to a variety of companies.

The takeaway here is that a range of industries need technologists for a variety of tasks. Whether you’re skilled in software development, network engineering, A.I., or some other discipline, chances are good there’s a job out there for you—but specialized knowledge can increase your hiring chances even more.