While Silicon Valley is the U.S. capital of technology, the New York City metro area is its East Coast equivalent (hence its "Silicon Alley" moniker). We’ve already explored the top ten jobs out west, and now we’re taking a similar view of the top ten tech jobs in New York City.

Via the Burning Glass NOVA platform, we dug through jobs in the New York City metro area, which also encompasses Newark and Jersey City, New Jersey. We isolated the tech industry from all others, and took a look at jobs posted for positions within tech through 2019, year-to-date.

Unsurprisingly, app developers are far and away the most in-demand position. Much like we saw in Silicon Valley, software developers have a clear and distinct lead over all other positions. In the New York City metro area, there have been 66,374 jobs posted for this role in 2019.

Second on the list is (again, unsurprising, at least for New York City) “web developer,” with 14,923 jobs posted in 2019. A Stack Overflow study from late 2017 suggests NYC has roughly ten percent of the nation’s web developers, so we’re not surprised it ranks second, or that this job title significantly outpaces Silicon Valley by over 5,000 job postings.

Systems Engineers rank third (13,097 jobs), Project Managers fourth (11,968 jobs), and Support Specialists round out the top five (10,595 jobs):

Curiously, the New York City metro region, as defined by NOVA, has more project manager roles than Silicon Valley. On the East Coast, there are over two times the number of project managers as in Silicon Valley, which could be for a variety of reasons. Structurally, it indicates those managers likely manage smaller teams; even taking into account the added tech jobs versus Silicon Valley, the project manager role outpaces others. A 2:1 ratio for project managers, comparatively, is the widest discrepancy between the two coastal tech hubs.

We’re also not totally shocked to see graphic designers make the cut. Though they’re at the bottom of this top-ten list, the role is hand-in-glove with web developers, and we’re happy to see the East Coast making an investment in design.

Designers only made the list by a narrow margin, with literally 21 more jobs posted in 2019 than for systems analysts. The graphic designer job only had 37 more job openings than “computer programmers,” and a less than 200 more when compared to “business intelligence analysts.”

Within our study, we see tech is healthy in the NYC metro area. All positions posted on this list had positive growth year-over-year, and we’re pleasantly surprised no single employer dominates the scene. While Amazon, IBM, JPMorgan, and Verizon lead the tech hiring scene, they do not significantly dominate it.

Positive job growth, a healthy number of jobs available across the tech landscape, and tons of great employers jockeying for technologists... what’s not to love about the Big Apple?