Main image of article Top 25 Companies Hiring Technologists Include Amazon, More

For many companies, 2020 was a year to retrench and readjust. Some tightened their budgets and laid off workers; others shifted their priorities, emphasizing some initiatives (such as e-commerce portals) over others (anything involving face-to-face interactions). Now, with the new year upon us, it’s time for many of these companies to hire the technologists they’ll need for their future plans.

Which companies are doing the most technologist hiring? For an answer, we turn to Burning Glass, which collects and analyzes job postings from across the country. We wanted to look at the past 60 days, because that’s when many teams at these companies began hiring technologists in earnest with an eye toward 2021. As with previous Burning Glass analyses, it’s clear that healthcare, defense, and (inevitably) tech lead when it comes to hiring technologists. Take a look:

Amazon’s hiring drive should surprise nobody: According to a recent New York Times article, the e-commerce giant has hired 427,300 employees since January 2020, bringing its total workforce to 1.2 million people. Many of those work in Amazon’s “fulfillment centers” (i.e., warehouses) and delivery infrastructure, but a significant portion are also technologists. Via a Burning Glass analysis of Amazon’s job postings, we know the company is most interested in hiring technologists with expertise in software development, Java, AWS, Python, and C++. 

Facebook and Microsoft, two other big tech firms on this list, have profited immensely in 2020 thanks to their emphasis on cloud-based services. Facebook, along with Amazon, Google, and Apple, has been building out extensive office space for technologists in New York City, including many new hires. Those companies have also been interested in technologists skilled in not only cloud, but also machine learning, A.I., and software development. 

Healthcare and financial firms, meanwhile, have been steadily hiring throughout the course of 2020, and the end of the year was no different. These companies are interested in a variety of technologists, from software engineers who can build and maintain apps to data scientists who can analyze huge datasets for crucial, strategy-determining insight. With an added element of stability, 2021 could shape up as the year when many of these firms utilize their technologists to finally enact on their long-term strategies.