Looking to break into project management? A question constantly asked is whether training or securing the right experience is the path to take. Experience is essential, but taking a three-pronged approach is even better. Here's why:
  1. Experience is essential. If you are looking to get into the IT field, then do your best to find positions that will enable you to gain experience pertinent to where you want to go. Even a seasoned PM has to continually improve in order to stay on top and stay fresh.
  2. Training is important, especially in the IT field. It can provide opportunities to learn from many resources on how to handle just about any issue within your industry. This step will bolster the typical path PMs take, which falls along the lines of learn-as-you-go.
  3. PM Certifications are great, providing you take advantage of the skills acquired and put them to use. I am a believer that a piece of paper is just that. If you go to the trouble of getting certified, show it. A trained PM is easy to find. A good one is not.