Main image of article Top Reasons Why Employees Jump Jobs Include Remote, Flexible Work

Before the pandemic, people jumped jobs for a variety of reasons, including the prospect of better pay, an easier commute, or the chance to work for an organization whose values aligned with theirs. Over the past few years, it’s become clear that flexible work (i.e., remote or hybrid work) has become just as powerful a motivator for seeking new employment.

For example, a recent survey by McKinsey & Company (based off responses by 25,000 respondents) shows flexible work arrangements as just behind better pay and career opportunities when it comes to motivation for seeking a new job. Check out the chart:

“Employers should be aware that when a candidate is deciding between job offers with similar compensation, the opportunity to work flexibly can become the deciding factor,” the report stated.

McKinsey also noted that “computer/mathematical” professions outpaced all others in terms of employees offered flexible work. “Because of rapid digital transformations across industries, even those with lower overall work-from-home patterns may find that the technologists they employ demand it,” the report added.

It’s not just remote work; technologists also want the ability to split their time between home and office. In Dice’s Sentiment Report, 85 percent of technologists said they found the prospect of hybrid work anywhere from somewhat to extremely desirable—including 94 percent of younger technologists (i.e., those between 18 and 34 years old). At companies already offering a hybrid scheduling option, managers are even running into unexpected resistance from employees who want even more control over which days they want to work. 

While some managers fear they’ll lose control over their teams if they allow remote or hybrid work, they might not have a choice when it comes to keeping their top tech talent. Technologists want flexibility—and they know they can jump jobs if they don’t get it.

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