Google, Apple and Facebook. That's where young people want to work nowadays. Employment consulting firm Universum asked 6,700 "early career professionals," meaning college graduates under 40 who have between one and eight years of work experience, to pick their five ideal employers from a list of about 200. Eight of the top 15 are tech organizations: Google, Apple, Facebook, Amazon, Microsoft, Sony, NASA and Electronic Arts. Turmoil or not, Yahoo's number 16. Three other interesting tidbits:
  • 61 percent of these professionals want to leave their current job in the next two years
  • 40 percent say job stability is very important to them.
  • And, a number that's often forgotten: Unemployment for college graduates 25 and over stands at 4.4 percent - roughly half of the overall unemployment rate.
You can see the whole list here. Business Insider has a slide show of 15 of the companies here.