ToS;DR is a young project -- started just two months ago -- that seeks to end what TechCrunch calls "the biggest lie on the Web." The lie revolves around websites' terms of service. ToS:DR -- which stands for "Terms of Service; Didn't Read -- rates sites based on theirs with a system that runs from "Class A" Every website has its own ToS and its own problems. ToS;DR's ratings allow users to learn what they're getting into when they sign up for one. TwitPic, for example, is an Class E because it reserves the right to sell users photos. I admire ToS:DR because it’s willing to take on a subject no other company had had the courage to address. Sure, some users don't really care about Terms of Service clauses, and others are too lazy to read through pages and pages of terms and policies. But that doesn’t mean they don’t care about their privacy or the rights to their content. However, with privacy gaining in importance these days, users need to know the what a ToS means without having to wade through a bunch of legalese.

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