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AndroidGoogle wants to organize and translate all the world's information and localized content inside apps are no exception. Last week, the Google Translator Toolkit team added support for four file types for easier localization of Android apps.
  • Android Resource (.xml)
  • Application Resource Bundle (.arb)
  • Chrome Extension (.json)
  • GNU gettext-based (.po)
Will these new file types help your development efforts. Share your thoughts in our comment section below. 
Open Source at Google explains:  
"With these new file formats, you can use Translator Toolkit to localize your apps and other products and content much more quickly and easily."
The toolkit allows for automatic translation of content that can be exported and saved in a locale-specific directory in Android.
"In addition, we’ve made the Translator Toolkit interface more intuitive for these new file formats so users can translate faster and more accurately. For example, you can turn on ‘Customized colors’ so translators can annotate the edited segments, ‘Number of characters in the segment’ to make sure the text doesn’t run too long (very important for mobile devices), and ‘Synchronized scrolling’ so you can scroll the original and translated text at the same time, which makes navigation much easier."
These translation improvements can give your apps better access to users around the world. Google Translator Toolkit is powered by Google Translate. The Google Translator Toolkit is available for content and use in Android apps. Try it out and see what you think of the new file type support for your next localization project. Read more about these translator updates on the Google Developers Blog.