Main image of article Twitter Enables "Web Intents" aka Embedded Tweets
This week Twitter released a new set of developer tools that will enable bloggers to embed Tweets easily into their posts. Prior to this, the only way to show a Tweet from someone or about a topic of interest was to take a screen shot and paste it into your post. Not any more, my programming friends.
Twitter had previously offered a way to embed Tweets with a feature called Blackbird Pie, but the resulting embed was lifeless. Users couldn't interact with it in any way. The new feature allows users to interact with the embedded Tweet as if they were on Twitter's website itself, even offering a mini-profile feature, similar to the Hovercard. Source: ReadWriteWeb
A Twitter spokesperson clarified the new API: "we have not released a way to embed Tweets on websites. We released a new API (Web Intents) that makes it possible to add interactive Reply, Retweet, and Favorite links to tools and widgets that display Tweets on the web. The first partner that implemented the API was Wordpress with their Tweet Embed/Quote tool."