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New Twitter - Let's Fly

Twitter has launched a full-scale redesign on its website, mobile apps on both iOS and Android, and all of TweetDeck's products on Thursday. Even for a service as simple as Twitter, there are still ways to further simplify things to bring a better user experience for existing users, as well as lower the learning curve for new users. Besides sporting a refreshing environment (i.e. Information pane is now on the left, and timeline on the right), the redesign focuses on four key features of Twitter, namely Home, Connect, Discover and Me -- which really are layman terms to Timeline, @Mentions, #Hashtags and Profile. As shown in the screenshot above, photos and videos linked in a tweet can now be viewed inline when expanded, instead of being displayed in a separate pane on the right like before. It'll also show information such as the number of retweets and favorites of that particular tweet. The Connect tab is similar to Facebook's notification tab in some ways. You can choose to see only tweets that mentioned you, or all of your interactions with other users, including new followers, retweets, favorites, and when you're added to a list. Discover, as its name suggests, helps you to discover new trends and stories that are relevant to your surroundings and interests. Exploring hashtags, one of the most important feature on Twitter that helps spread news faster than wildfire, has become more visually appealing. All these changes aren't only available on, but also on mobile apps for both iOS and Android. Through this redesign, Twitter has unified the user experience on all platforms, presenting a consistent look and usability across computers and mobile devices. TweetDeck, which was acquired by Twitter in May, has also updated its apps for Windows, Mac, and Chrome. It has also released a web app powered by HTML5, just like the native ones for other platforms. All of its apps now sports the same look and feel, and that said, its desktop apps are no longer powered by Adobe AIR. Twitter says that the new design on will be rolled out to everyone over the next few weeks, but you can gain early access by updating your iOS or Android Twitter app to the latest version. However, the process may not be as instantaneous as it should be, as I've yet to see the new even after fiddling with the new iOS app. (Update: I'm now seeing the new Twitter, took more than 12 hours) [youtube]