Main image of article Unreleased iPhone 5 Prototype At Large
There's still an unreleased iPhone 5 prototype on the loose. CNET reported that an unlucky Apple employee lost the device at Cava 22, a bar in San Francisco, back in July. In an attempt to secure it, Apple contacted the San Francisco police, saying "the device was priceless and the company was desperate to secure its safe return." Unlike the case in 2010, where a lost iPhone 4 prototype became the subject of Gizmodo's exclusive pre-release coverage, this device may have been sold on Craigslist for a modest $200 -- and it has yet to get into the hands of any publication, even after being "in the wild" for nearly two months. Apple is reported to have electronically traced it to a house in San Francisco's Bernal Heights neighborhood, but the police found nothing upon searching the residence. And that's despite the man admitting he went to the same bar on the same night the prototype went missing. He insisted that he knew nothing about the missing iPhone, even after Apple offered him cash for its return, with no questions asked. In short, the prototype may still be at large as you read this, but details about the new iPhone are still as scarce as before. Well, at least we know it has a GPS chip intact, duh! Source: CNET Photo credit: John Cooper