Main image of article Philadelphia Loses the Most Phones... at Automotive Shops?
Lookout Located Phones 2011If you've ever lost your smartphone, you're not alone. $30 billion worth of smartphones are lost each year in the U.S., according to a report by Lookout Lookout tracked 9 million smartphones in 2011, with most being Android and U.S.-based. The top ten cities where people lose their phones were: Philadelphia, Seattle, Oakland, Long Beach, Newark, Detroit, Cleveland, Baltimore, New York and Boston. At Philadelphia, most people lose their phones in an automotive shop. Next were at pizza places, churches and an apartments. If you live in Chicago, you’ll most likely lose your phone in a coffee shop, restaurant or church. If you're at a fast food restaurant in New York, there's a greater probability you'll lose your phone. San Franciscans lose their phones most often at coffee shops or at the office, and Brits are most likely to lose their phones in a pub. But it isn't just absent-mindedness that causes phones to be lost. There is a correlation between phone loss and some cities that have the FBI's highest crime rates, including Cleveland, Detroit, Oakland and Newark. Lookout makes it a point to note it isn't claiming your phone is more likely to be stolen in these cities, because... it would rather not insinuate such presumptions. If you want to avoid losing your phone and the associated data it contains, you should install apps that are able to locate, lock and wipe your private date whenever possible. Oh, and when you head to the coffee shop bathroom, take your phone with you.