Main image of article KMI's KeyWorx Lets You Use Your Feet for Computer Input
SoftStep KeyWorxAnyone who has trouble using their keyboard -- because of a disability, say, or carpal tunnel syndrome -- faces a real challenge working in IT. Many turn to speech recognition software for inputting computer commands. But if you've ever used those packages, you know that they're about 90 percent effective. Good, but that last 10 percent is crucial, and the packages are often tough to set up. On top of that, giving verbal commands to your computer doesn't make you a lot of friends when you share a workspace. The SoftStep KeyWorx foot control, from Keith McMillen Instruments, provides another option for inputting repetitive tasks -- you use your feet. For example, if you do a lot of research on the Net, it allows you to scroll without having to move your hands. The device allows 100 such compiled steps that keep your hands mostly free of the mouse.  You can also navigate around a screen with large arrow keys.  Weighing about a pound, it plugs into your computer via a USB port. KMI says SoftStep is great for gamers, programmers and video editors, anyone who needs to automate a repetitive routine on the PC or MAC. It's not a replacement for speech recognition software, but combined, they provide a reduced input and repetitive input on the keyboard.


Source: Keith McMillen Instruments