Main image of article Using a Gaming Rig to Boost Productivity
What’s the difference between a hardcore gamer and a hardcore coder or developer? From outward appearances, not a whole lot: Both spend many hours sitting in front of a screen, clicking and typing away. That being said, while gamers often spend lots of cash to trick out their hardware, many developers stick with whatever their employer gives them. But that’s not ideal, according to a new article on LifeHacker: Even if you don’t care about Grand Theft Auto and the prospect of a 12-hour Destiny marathon puts you right to sleep, adopting gamer mice and keyboards can ease at least some of the grind associated with hardcore development. It isn’t just a question of ergonomics, according to LifeHacker’s Eric Ravenscraft, although gamer hardware is built for hours of continuous use; with a little bit of experimentation, you can map functions such as opening and closing apps to one of a gaming mouse’s many buttons, saving you little bits of time that will nonetheless add up over the long term. And if you are a gamer, you can use that saved time to slaughter some additional orcs.