Roku XDPerhaps you remember that a couple months ago Roku was available at Best Buy. Now, it’s available at all Wal-Mart stores across the country. Consumers were aware that the retailing giant was going to sell the Roku, since it was made available through the online store more than four weeks ago. The list price at the moment is $79. This interesting aspect of Wal-Mart selling Roku is the fact that the store purchased Vudu just last year. This means that it is quite possible that Vudu is going to be launched using Roku. Vudu became well known some years ago, when it started to stream the best HD movies and videos. Now Wal-Mart owns Vudu, and has Roku available for sale. The interesting thing about Roku is that the device is extremely simple and easy to use. Users say they obtained great value for the money -- $79 to own the leading internet TV platform. Roku's availability at Wal-Mart is perfectly timed for Father’s day. Indeed the device can be the perfect present for your dad. And, Roku says it's aware of the constant demand of customers to have immediate access to movies and entertainment on television. The platform has 250+ channels available. That counts for one of the best collections of channels currently offered for television. Viewers can choose from Crackle, Hulu Plus, Revision3, Netflix, NHL Game Center, Amazon Instant Video, NBA Game Time On-Demand Sports. How it Works For those that are wondering how Roku actually works, here's a brief explanation:
  1. Plug the device to the TV (it's compatible with all TVs). Add the device to your network (either wireless or wired), and stream. Simple.
  2. With your Roku you'll receive the remote control, power adapter, two AAA batteries, A/V cable, manual guide and a one-year warranty
  3. You must have high-speed internet (at least 1.2 Mbps) to use Roku
  4. Just use your remote
Source: CrunchGear