Main image of article Want a Job at Apple? Learn These Popular Programming Languages

What tech skills do you need to learn if you want to land a job at Apple? Fortunately for anyone who wants to work on products like the iPhone or iCloud, the company desires technologists armed with common skills and programming languages. 

For a complete list of these skills, we turned to Burning Glass, which collects and analyzes millions of job postings from across the country. While its analysis doesn’t cover the totality of Apple’s hiring—the company doesn’t publicly post for all its open positions, particularly if it has a candidate in mind for a specific role—it nonetheless gives us a sense of what its teams want from new hires. Take a look at the chart, which captures job postings from the past 90 days:

Ultra-popular languages Python and C++ top the list, which is good news—these languages have been mastered by millions of technologists. In fact, Python, C++ and Java are well ahead of Objective-C and Swift, Apple’s in-house languages for iOS and macOS development (although knowing Objective-C and Swift will only help you chances of landing a role).

It’s also clear that Apple is interested in technologists who have mastered the fundamentals of software engineering and development. There’s also a significant push for technologists with machine learning and artificial intelligence (A.I.) skills, which makes sense—the company needs to make apps and services such as Siri “smarter” if it wants to keep competing with the likes of Amazon and Google. As tech companies large and small invest substantial sums in their A.I. capabilities, adopting A.I. and machine learning skills will only boost your viability on the job market. 

Even as it hires ultra-skilled technologists, Apple is (reportedly) wrestling with some high-profile departures from its A.I. and cloud teams, as well as a delayed office re-opening due to the COVID Delta variant. If you’re hired, you’d be joining the company at an auspicious moment.