Chess champion Magnus Carlsen can add another notch to his victory belt: checkmating former Microsoft CEO Bill Gates in just under 80 seconds. In a match between the two men aired on Norwegian television, Gates started out with a traditional King’s Pawn Game opening, considered a “solid” move by a relative amateur. Carlsen retorted by bringing one of his knights forward, to which Gates responded with his own knight. For his next move, Carlsen moved his queen pawn onto the battlefield, and the massacre truly began. Gates blundered by bringing a bishop forward in a way that blocked deployment of his queen pawn and the other bishop. With his opponent boxed in, Carlsen deployed a withering combination of queen, knights, and bishop to checkmate the world’s richest man in nine moves. For those who want to see the pummeling with their own eyes, a handy YouTube video is now online. At least Gates can console himself with the thought that he’s a.) apparently a master at bridge, and b.) still worth tens of billions of dollars.   Image: YouTube