Main image of article Watch This iPhone 6 Unboxing Go Totally Weird
Some people find product-unboxing videos entertaining; others dismiss them as the worst kind of clickbait. “Do we really need to sit through five minutes (or more than a dozen slideshow images) of some random tech reporter popping open a cardboard box?” the latter asks.

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According to the various tech publications that keep producing unboxing videos, the answer is apparently “yes,” probably because the amount of clicks and views more than justifies annoying a subset of readers. But Clickhole, The Onion’s parody of websites such as BuzzFeed and Upworthy, is here to provide a little relief to anyone who ever clicked over to his or her favorite tech website, saw a story about unboxing the latest Samsung Galaxy or Xbox, and rolled their eyes in annoyance. Clickhole’s video unboxing of the iPhone 6 starts out in a pretty typical fashion… and then gets very, very, very strange. Check it out.

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Image: Clickhole