Main image of article 4 IT Jobs Added to Bureau of Labor Statistics Classification
Techonomics April 8The view of the tech jobs landscape is about to become much more detailed as the Bureau of Labor Statistics has deemed four computer-related occupations as being worthy to include in its Standard Occupation Classification (SOC) system. Web developers, computer network architects, information security analysts and computer network support specialists are among 24 newly defined occupations in the SOC, which is basically a standardized system to classify occupations. The Bureau of Labor Statistics includes an occupation in the SOC if the nature of the work is distinct from other occupations in the SOC and is performed for pay or profit. The federal government's Occupational Employment Statistics program uses these SOC classifications to collect, calculate and disseminate data such as the number of employees in a particular occupation to the median and mean wages. These detailed individual occupations feed into broader occupational groups, which provide a larger picture of what's happening in particular industries. For example, the four newly defined tech occupations are part of the broader computer and mathematical occupations group, which includes 19 tech occupations.