Main image of article webOS's Future Remains Unclear as Whitman Puts Off Decision
HPHewlett-Packard hasn't settled the future of webOS, despite yesterday's self-imposed deadline, just a few weeks after announcing it would keep its PC division. Well, the deadline expired today and HP didn't manage to take any decisive action. TheVerge reports that CEO Meg Whitman didn't make a decision yesterday because "it's really important to her to make the right decision, not the fast decision." Whitman said that "if HP decides (to keep webOS), we're going to do it in a very significant way over a multi-year period." Even if "it's a very expensive proposition, HP can make that bet." Meg Whitman explained that she first has to figure out what to do with the PC division. She understands that this is an "unsatisfying" state of affairs, but ""the economics of this business are tough" and needs more time to determine if "there's another way to create that ecosystem." In the end, she said she hopes HP will focus only on tablets because "things get more complicated if you add in phones." HP acquired Palm (and webOS) in April 2010 for $1.2 billion, a short time after it began developing devices on the platform. HP released Palm Pre 3, Veer and TouchPad the tablet, which ended up being a major sales disappointment because of a lack of apps. In September, the company cut 500 employees from the webOS division, leading to speculation the platform would disappear. So webOS remains alive, and we'll wait at least three more weeks to see what Whiteman decides to do. If webOS is discontinued, she'll have to turn to Windows or Android as a software platform.