Main image of article HP Rolls Out Open webOS 1.0
Hewlett-Packard's released Open webOS 1.0, just as it promised last year. It's great that a company like HP would release an open source OS, but the question remains, how long they will continue to develop it? Will they have partners? Right now WebOS lies in the cloud because almost no one uses it. That aside, you can now download and port WebOS to any device you want. For example, HP ported the open source version to an HP TouchSmart PC. Here's how it looks. [youtube=] It appears that webOS is using the build framework for embedded Linux, Yocto Project with OpenEmbedded-Core, which HP believes interest more developers. This first version includes core applications like email and browser, and supports Enyo2 JavaScript application framework, which will provide webOS with apps already made. HP wrote 450,000 lines of code to deliver 75 webOS components over the last nine months, and says it will continue to work on several other enhancements: Qt5 /WebKit2, Open sourced media and audio components, BlueZ Bluetooth stack, ConnMan network management, and Optimized SysMgr rendering architecture. Right now I can't say anything good or bad about this version of webOS, but I'll observe that the "open" project may last only as long as HP remains dedicated to it, and who knows how long that will be. In the meantime, let's just be glad we have another open source OS to explore, and maybe exploit. Related Links