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Get 150 IT directors and wannabe CIOs into a room to discuss their problems and you'll find that no matter how different their businesses are, or what size they are, their problems are the same. I discussed the issue of what IT directors have in common with Mazi Fayazfar, Sr. Director of IT at IXIA and Tom O’Connor, Manager of IT for Salmon Arm Savings and Credit Union. The issues they have in common:
  • Dealing With the Cloud - New developments in the cloud and how it's changing internal IT.
  • Applications - They are what's important to operations, not desktop computers.
  • Consumerization of IT - You need to embrace it, rather than repel it.
  • Mobility - Various devices and needs.
  • Rationalize Spends - How to build cases for what you're spending money on.
  • Strategic Plans - Looking forward to the future.
  • Business Units Enrolled - Getting people on board.