Main image of article What Does Google Pay Its Tech Professionals?

As a company, Google is undergoing some challenges. Staff has been laid off, and the company’s offices have cut back on the world-class perks. If that wasn’t tough enough, there’s also rising competition with Microsoft and other companies over the future of artificial intelligence (A.I.), a fight that could eventually prove existential.

Despite those travails, though, Google maintains its reputation as one of the highest-paying tech companies. According to crowdsourced compensation info from, many entry-level roles at the company pay six figures annually once you add up salaries, stock, and bonuses:  

Compensation at the company can climb much higher, of course. Last year, Blind (which surveys anonymous-but-verified technologists on a range of issues) spoke with an (anonymous) director of engineering at Google who oversaw a team of 150 engineers and earned $1.5 million per year. Other top-level tech pros at the company also make millions over the course of their careers.

But landing that kind of salary isn’t just due to your technical skills. “A good engineer is not the smartest, but the one who uplifts the team, understands what managers want, and is a great peer and report to work with,” that anonymous director of engineering told Blind’s audience, adding: “Unless you are really deep into a particular technology (AI, ML, hardware, etc.), it’s almost always better to be a generalist.”

Of course, technical skills are still vital. As Google seeks to integrate artificial intelligence into every aspect of its product lineup, knowledge of everything from machine learning models to TensorFlow will prove vital if you want to land a job at the company. Fortunately, no matter what your desired role and skill-set, the resulting salary will likely be quite high—provided you can pass the company’s famous technical tests and interview panels.