Apple’s annual Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) is taking place June 8-12 at San Francisco’s Moscone Center. As usual, it will include hundreds of sessions and hands-on labs for engineers and developers. Here’s what else you can probably expect:

A Preview of the Next iOS and Mac OS X

Apple traditionally uses WWDC to show off its latest software. If rumors are correct, the next iOS and Mac OS X versions won’t feature many radical new features or upgrades, but focus more on the reliability and efficiency of the underlying code. That could come as a relief to some developers who’ve complained that Apple’s commitment to rapid upgrades has resulted in increasingly buggy software.

New Hardware… Perhaps

Sometimes Apple uses the WWDC to debut new hardware, such as the MacBook with Retina Display (in 2012). This year, pundits and Apple-centric rumor sites such as MacRumors are betting that the company will reveal some new device, most likely an upgraded Apple TV that leverages “connected home” apps.

New Music Streaming/iTunes

Apple’s big iTunes upgrade will incorporate assets acquired from Beats Music; the big question on everybody’s mind is whether the final product will have what it takes to compete against Spotify and other streaming services that have seized much of the digital-music market. While Apple will probably wait to unveil the finished platform at another event, it could show off some of its work at WWDC.

No Selfie Sticks

Apple has already banned WWDC participants from using selfie sticks. Seriously, don’t even try to whip one out.

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Image: Apple