Main image of article Which Industries are Hiring the Most A.I. Technology Specialists?

While artificial intelligence (A.I.) and machine learning might seem like relatively niche subindustries at first glance, they’re rapidly approaching the mainstream. Organizations everywhere want to make their consumer-facing apps and services “smarter” while automating their internal processes. But which industries have the most demand for technologists skilled in A.I. and machine learning?

For an answer, we can turn to CompTIA’s monthly job report, which analyzes data from Emsi Burning Glass. Based on that data, it’s clear that a few core industries are hiring technologists who’ve mastered the practical application of artificial intelligence. Check out the list: 

That professional, scientific, and technical services would lead November’s A.I. hiring should come as no surprise, considering the number of technology companies actively pouring resources into all kinds of A.I. and machine learning initiatives. Finance and insurance companies have likewise invested heavily in A.I., with industry executives hoping the technology will allow them to analyze data and surface crucial insights faster than ever before. 

In manufacturing, A.I. is playing an increasing role in attempts to automate production. With the other industries on this list—including retail and construction—there’s likely a multi-company push to use A.I. for everything from data analysis to customer service. 

For those on the proverbial fence over whether to devote the time and resources to learning A.I. and machine learning skills, keep in mind that such a specialization can pay quite a bit: O’Reilly recently pegged the average salary of data and A.I. professionals at $146,000 per year (that survey included 2,778 respondents in the U.S. and 284 in the U.K.). Moreover, salaries are increasing an average of 2.25 percent per year. In states with a high concentration of technology companies in need of talent, compensation can drift even higher: In California, for example, the average compensation for A.I. jobs hit $176,000. And there’s every indication that more tech jobs will demand A.I. skills as time goes on.