Main image of article Which Metro Areas Pay Tech Professionals the Most?

Which metro areas offer the highest median pay for technology professionals? As you might expect, those in tech hubs such as Silicon Valley and New York City can earn massive compensation—but other, smaller cities are increasingly well-known for sizable payouts., which crowdsources compensation data from those who work in tech, has a list of the top metro areas for median tech pay. Take a look:

Cities such as Portland, Los Angeles, and San Diego have worked hard for years to foster a local tech scene. On top of that, companies outside the tech industry—including manufacturing, retail, and finance—increasingly need technology professionals who can perform a wide variety of tasks, from updating websites to ensuring that networks are safe from external and internal cyber-threats. If you have experience and specialized skills, chances are good you have the leverage to negotiate for high compensation with a current or future employer.

Despite economic uncertainty and fears of an oncoming recession, many tech hubs are poised to grow in 2023. In December, the Dice Tech Job Report noted job growth in up-and-coming hubs such as Houston (+45.6 percent growth year-over-year), Miami (+33.6 percent), Phoenix (31.7 percent), San Diego (+29.4 percent), Charlotte (+27.6 percent), and others. Well-established tech hubs also continue to generate an enormous volume of job postings for both in-office and remote work.

Growth and job postings translate into demand for tech jobs—which powers a rise in salaries as companies compete for talent. Data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), as analyzed by CompTIA, showed the tech unemployment rate fell to 2 percent in November. Despite much-publicized layoffs at some of the biggest companies in tech (including Twitter, Meta, and Lyft), organizations will continue to hire to fulfill their strategies through 2023 and beyond.