Main image of article Eole Water's New Wind Turbine Produces Water, Electricity
Eole Water's newest development may help in the ongoing challenge of providing the poorest regions on Earth with clean drinking water and electricity. Its new type of wind turbine can produce both. Eole Water’s WMS1000 wind turbine combines a humidity condenser with a wind generator to produce both energy and water. With as little as 15 mph of wind it is able to harvest between 500 and 1000 liters of clean, drinkable water from the air, while generating 30 kilowatts of electricity. Granted, 500-1000 liters does not sound like much, but if it is only used for drinking, then it's enough to provide 250-500 people with two liters of drinking water per day. Many of the communities that this turbine could potentially benefit have much smaller populations, so there would be much more to go around. As for energy, 30 kilowatts should be enough to provide light and some refrigeration to a small village. Fulfilling both needs at once saves time and manpower. The system is currently being tested in the dry air of Abu Dhabi, where it has managed to produce an average of 650 liters of drinking water per day since October. Siemens is now believed to be in talks with Eole Water to license the technology.