Main image of article With Recruiters, Focus on Accomplishments
On a daily basis, recruiters look at dozens—and sometimes even hundreds—of resumes and social profiles. Candidates can sometimes blur together, especially if the recruiter is attempting to fill a particular position; education, certifications, and company experience are by no means unique. For job candidates, that might seem demoralizing. After all, your average tech pro spends years learning some highly specific skills, racking up certifications, and landing jobs at important companies. Given how many people in your industry have managed to accomplish many of the same things, however, how do you really make yourself stand out for recruiters and HR staffers? The answer is to focus on your accomplishments. What have you done that’s unique? What projects have you started, or saved? How have you grown and deployed software platforms in ways that have saved money, boosted your company’s competitiveness, and even helped you evolve as a professional? Your resume is a prime place to focus on those accomplishments, along with any social profiles you have publicly exposed. Of course, you should still list your experience and certifications in those places—but if you want to stand out, devote space to what that background has enabled you to accomplish.