Main image of article Women in Tech Face Opportunity Gap: Bustle, Dice Survey
A new survey by Dice and Bustle suggests that pay inequality in the technology industry is very real, and impacting women’s salaries and raises. Despite those issues, however, some 90 percent of women report they actively encourage the next generation to embark on a career in tech. Some 82 percent of surveyed women voiced a belief in a wage gap, while 60 percent said they were treated differently than their male colleagues. The data suggests that women in technology roles are earning fewer promotions and raises than men with the same amount of experience; and those raises, once they finally arrive, are smaller. Specifically, some 13 percent fewer women than men reported receiving a promotion in the past year, and 19 percent fewer received a raise. As women progress in their career, they increasingly notice the gap. While 21 percent of women with 5 years (or less) of experience believe in the gap, only 13 percent of those with 11-15 years of experience do. In keeping with that trend, a quarter of Millennial women don’t think there’s a pay discrepancy, compared to 16 percent of Generation X’ers, more than half of whom report direct experience with unequal pay. No matter how many years they’ve spent in the industry, between 54-57 percent believe there aren’t equal opportunities for women in tech. Nor is company size a factor with regard to those opportunities: although more women at companies with fewer than 100 employees reported being given raises within the past year than men (35 percent to 19 percent), more hadn’t received a promotion (24 percent of women versus 18 percent of men). Within larger firms, those gaps only widened: some 8 percent of women reported receiving a promotion within the past year, versus 15 percent of men. And 32 percent of women had received a raise during that period, compared to 45 percent of men. For more data, as well as some quotes that cut to the heart of the issue, check out the infographic below (and click to enlarge):