If you work long enough, and experts say we won't be retiring anytime soon, at some point you'll probably report to a younger boss. In fact 69 percent of workers age 55 or older already report to someone who's younger than they are. It's a big change from the years when your boss was that older guy in the corner office, with years of experience.

Dealing with a Younger BossBut don't be quick to dismiss the knowledge of a younger boss, advises Emily Brandon in U.S. News and World Report. You can learn from their fresh perspective. Here's her tips for building a successful working relationship.

  • Acknowledge their expertise: Be open to the fresh ideas and new approaches that a younger manager may bring to the job.
  • Use electronic communication: Make sure you log on to instant messenger every day and keep your cellphone, BlackBerry, or smart phone on to stay in the loop.
  • Point out your results: Instead of chatting about your decades of experience, talk about expectations you have exceeded over the past month or six months.
  • Act your age: Avoid comparing a younger manager to your adult children or talking about what you were doing at their age.
  • Update your skills: Think of it as a way to get paid while you learn new software programs and keep your skills up to date.
  • Don't compete: It's best not to openly compete with a younger supervisor or belittle him or her because of age.

Do you report to a younger boss? Share your tips for building a successful relationship.

--Leslie Stevens-Huffman