Main image of article Yahoo Refocuses on CEO Search
Yahoo's board is beefing up its search for a new CEO, even as it considers selling the company's core business to the likes of Microsoft, Google and  China's Alibaba, according to The Wall Street Journal. The board ousted CEO Carol Bartz in September. Yahoo founder Jerry Yang had characterized the buyout scrutiny as merely looking at all the company's options. And earlier this month, AllThingsD's Kara Swisher suggested that the CEO search might be mere window dressing since the situation at the company remains so volatile. Amid the speculation about who the next CEO might be, board member and potential candidate David Kenny stepped down from his post as president of Akamai, creating buzz that he might be lobbying for the job. Forbes' Eric Jackson says that won't happen. Swisher also reports that Yahoo employee morale is low. The the Yahoo Employee Satisfaction Survey, sent out the week Bartz was fired, showed a drop in workers' assessments of senior leadership and that 19 percent plan to leave the company in less than a year if an opportunity arises. That number was 21 percent in the product division, where most engineers work. At the same time, however, 79 percent said they're proud to work for Yahoo.