Main image of article Yes, You Can Play Tetris on a T-Shirt
While most video games are forgotten within weeks of their release, Tetris has endured for more than 30 years. Major elements in the game’s longevity are its simplicity and extreme addictiveness; that it’s appeared on many types of hardware, from PCs and Nintendo Game Boys to smartphones and calculators, has also helped it stay in the public eye. Now, three decades after it hit the market in the former Soviet Union, Tetris has broken new ground again: Mark Kerger, whom TechCrunch describes as a “tinkerer,” has used “128 LEDs, a fistful of batteries and an Arduino Uno” to integrate a playable version of the game on a white t-shirt. It looks like a fun example of wearable tech… so long as strangers don't start jabbing fingers into your stomach in order to play it:

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Image/video: Mark Kerger