Main image of article You CAN Apply for the Same Job Twice, So Long as You're Careful
A boo and a hiss for the online job application, a necessary irritant that most of the time you can't avoid. Of course you wonder: Do those resumes actually get read? Do you have any options after you hit send? What can you do if you get some inside tip about the position -- after you've submitted your materials? Your best bet is to contact the recruiter or hiring manager directly. But that's not always a possibility. In that case, you may gain traction by resubmitting your resume, giving yourself a second chance by revising your cover letter and application to show a more perfect fit. Larger companies tend to rely on recruiting software to screen incoming applications, so if you don’t meet a job's basic criteria, the system has probably spit you out without anyone seeing your resume. If they did, HR or the hiring manager may have found some aspects of your application problematic, even it you were a good fit for the position. For example, what if your salary requirement was too high? If you become aware of any issues like that, resubmitting may put you back in the game. Remember, though, that there are potential negatives to applying for the same job twice. What you think is a lengthy wait to hear back is a mere minute in the eyes of HR. So, if you dip twice, you could be seen as a pest. And, if you substantially change your resume and cover letter they may perceive you as desperate,which could undervalue your professional worth. Still, if you’re aware of the risks and really want a shot at the job, go for it. After all, what are they going to do? Not hire you? Source: Bnet Graphic: Wikimedia