Main image of article Zappos' Tony Hsieh on Building a Company Based on Values


Ever try to start a business? It’s not easy. Ever try to figure out what your personal core values are? Still not easy. Ever try to start a business based on core values derived from your personal core values? If you’re trying to build a company for the long term, you need to determine your core values and build it into the framework of the business, says Tony Hsieh, CEO of Zappos. That's what he did. It wasn’t always Hsieh’s business philosophy. He admits that when he started his first company, Link Exchange, he didn’t have any business values. That translated into dreading going to work every morning. Luckily, Hsieh sold Link Exchange and ended that business frustration. When he came around to starting Zappos he told himself he didn’t want to do that again. Our personal values bleed into the work we do. So often there’s discussion about work-life separation. But in reality it’s work-life integration, Hsieh believes. “You should be the same person in and out of the office, says Hsieh, “You have this one life to live so why not make the most of it whether you're at work or not.” How are you going to figure out your values? Hsieh started a site called Zappos Insights where he helps people and companies figure out what values are right for them.