Main image of article You Want to Learn New Skills, Then Quit Your Job in 2019: Survey Results
Last week, we asked you about your career goals for 2019. Turns out you’re not interested in being promoted; instead, you want to quit your job. In an anonymous survey of our tech pro readership, earning a promotion ranked dead last – by a lot. Only nine percent of respondents said they were interested in earning a promotion at work. Earning a raise and working remotely were popular, earning 17 and 18 percent of the votes, respectively. More money is always a good thing, and we’ve found that working from home is a perk more employers are offering tech pros who may not be eligible for raises or promotions. At the top of the heap: ‘Finding a new job’ and ‘learn a new skill.’ Some 27 percent of you are ready to jump ship in 2019, and 29 percent of you want to learn a new skill or language to pad your résumés. The results surprised us. In a previous survey, we queried you on what would prompt you to leave your job. A slight majority (21 percent) said they were ready for a promotion, so we’re a bit surprised that only nine percent made it a priority in this survey. And consider the 27 percent who are ready for a new job in 2019. If we’re being objective, there’s also a good chance those who are ready for a promotion also want to take their next big step at a different company; the two impulses aren't mutually exclusive. Another Dice survey told us that up to 75 percent of tech pros don’t feel valued at work. In that study, 31 percent say they don’t feel respected by their employer in any way. Drawing a direct correlation between that marker and the 27 percent who want to quit their job in 2019, you could say that few tech pros are willing to withstand poor treatment in the workplace, especially at a time of notably low unemployment in the overall tech industry. But the main takeaway here is that almost one-third of respondents are prioritizing learning for 2019. Whether it be a new skill or programming language, most respondents to this survey say they want to learn something new. Whether they want to learn something to find a new job or earn that promotion, they’re on the right path.