Main image of article Survey: What Would Make You Quit Your Job?
Even if you’re not currently planning an escape from your job, chances are good you’ve thought about quitting at one point or another (maybe recently!). But what's driving that desire? We want to know! In the survey below, tell us what would make you leave your job (or what made you quit your last role). Maybe you’re overworked; we know tech pros think unlimited time off is a great perk to have. Or maybe you feel undervalued: Studies show that education and age are contributing factors to people wanting to leave their jobs. A lack of support from management or other departments can also drive people to quit, especially if your company’s IT department is unhelpful. Sometimes the reasons are a bit more opaque; your boss seems to want you to leave, for example, but can't come right out and say so. In those cases, even trying to "clear the air" with your manager might not yield any clarity. In the end, your current role may just not be the right fit for you or the company. Pay is always critical, and tech pro salaries have stalled recently, according to Dice data. With wages stagnating for many tech professions, perks and benefits have become key to attracting and retaining talent. For some tech pros, though, not even the promise of unlimited vacation time or other goodies can keep them in the role; something fundamental to the job, such as the office culture, is compelling them to leave as fast as they can. (But quitting in haste, and getting a gig-economy job to pay the bills in the interim, isn't a great idea unless you want to make just above minimum wage. For instance, studies have shown that driving for Uber or Lyft isn't a good idea if you want financial stability.) Of course, it’s not always about the money, so we’re giving you the chance to be heard (anonymously, of course). The survey below is pretty straightforward: select the answer that best suits you, then click submit! We’ll publish results in the very near future.