Main image of article 3  Stories on Computer Science Degrees

Employers like computer science graduates because of their innate smarts, but some shy away from hiring them because of their lack of business and real-world development skills. To help put your degree in context, here are three stories to bear in mind as you transition from the academic world to the workplace.

5 Things to Learn About Computer Science Degrees

Computer science degrees come with a common misconception, which often discourages students from pursuing those studies: They’ll turn you into an isolated code cruncher. That’s not really the case.

5 Top Jobs for Computer Science Graduates

Where can are the best opportunities? Think software, mobile apps and Big Data to start.

5 Tips for Computer Science Freshmen

Beginning college is a big adjustment for anyone, but it can be especially daunting for computer science majors. After all, they’re jumping into a tough curriculum that’s very different from the work they did in high school, and even those who’ve taken CS will face big changes.