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For new graduates: Whatever job you're looking for, you'll construct your resume on a few simple foundation blocks. The first: resume samples—we’ve got free ones here. Select a simple design that lists your education and coursework before your experience, and includes a section for computer languages, operating systems and other technical expertise. It’s best to create a Microsoft Word document that converts easily to plain text. When you need a printed version, always use quality 8 1/2-by-11 white bond paper and use no more than two font types, preferably 12-point Times New Roman or Arial. Use bold type or bullets only to emphasize key points. Next, search for resume action verb lists online. Start here. Finally, have handy all pertinent information. Your resume needs to be accurate, so refer to a recent transcript for your GPA and a course catalog so you can include the titles and descriptions of key technical courses. You’ll also need a list of your student projects, internships, awards, extracurricular activities and the exact dates of paid or volunteer positions.

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