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A quality resume should provide a succinct summary of your achievements and describe the story behind them. Reviewers will reach conclusions about your competency and fit based on the information you provide. By placing yourself in their shoes, you can evaluate your resume’s content and what it conveys about your capabilities and experience. When you think you're done creating your resume, print it out and read it out loud. Is the information presented in the right order to entice the reviewer? Are the sentences and phrases clear? Does your resume tell a story about your career or is it simply an inventory of your daily tasks and technical expertise? Reading your resume out loud will help you evaluate the effectiveness of the language and the flow of the information, eliminate redundancies and fine tune the action verbs and wording. Also, ask a trusted friend or advisor to proofread your resume. In addition to looking for typos, ask him or her to summarize your top three strengths. Compare your friend's conclusions with your objectives to see if your resume’s content is on target.

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