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Investigating a company and its management team may be one of the most important parts of your job search. In addition to preparing you for the interview, it will help you determine if you’re a good fit for the company—and if it’s a place you really want to work. First, start combing the Web. Give the company’s website a thorough read, paying special attention to the backgrounds of the executive team. Then delve deeper into the Internet for articles that either focus on the firm, or at least mention it. Reviewing newspaper and magazine coverage is a good way to learn about important company events and milestones. If the company’s publicly traded, you can request a copy of its annual report to get an in-depth look at its financial situation. (The Securities and Exchange Commission’s EDGAR database is packed with filings, forms and comment letters on public firms. Sites like, Hoover’s, and Yahoo Finance will add breadth to your research. Once you’ve accumulated enough data, figure out the best way to use it in an interview. You can tailor your questions to highlight areas you’ve seen the company has in common with your expertise and experience. During the interview, drop bits of information you’ve learned to show you have an interest in the company that goes beyond just finding a job. Showing that you’ve made a real connection with the company makes your chances of being invited back get a lot higher.

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