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So you landed that job interview. Congrats! Cracking coding interviews is a challenge you may not have faced before. Even if it is, then there’s never any harm in brushing up on some interviewing skills. Here’s some tips for interviewing for when sitting down with the recruiter or manager to talk about the specifics of the position:

First Tech Interview? Avoid These 5 Big Mistakes
Let’s say you’re just entering the tech industry, and you’re prepping for your first big interview. Congrats! Here are five key mistakes to avoid if you want to land the position.

4 Stealth Ways to Influence a Hiring Manager
It’s important to get along with the hiring manager for a position you want. Keep these tips in mind if you want to influence their eventual decision.

5 Reasons Your Job Interviews Aren’t Becoming Job Offers
Going to lots of job interviews? Frustrated with how things are turning out? Here are some key ways to change your approach to interviews.

Pushing Past Your Job Interview Fears
Interviewing can be scary! Even experienced technologists get the jitters before heading into an interview. Here’s how to conquer your fears and put everything into a bit of perspective.

Technology Job Newbies Face Stagnant Salaries (Things Get Better)
Some tech-job salaries have been flat lately. Fortunately, there’s lots of opportunity for even those new to the tech industry to negotiate for what they want.

Which Tech Jobs Demand Certifications? 
Questions about your certifications often pop up in job interviews. Here are the jobs that frequently require certifications, as well as the projected growth of those positions over the next several years.

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A job search can be a daunting task in itself, let alone the pressure of going through interview questions. When you do finally make it to that coveted position of the interview, then we’re here to help you succeed. Check out Dice’s collection of the most popular positions’ interview questions.

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