Main image of article Watch Out for These Red Flags During Interviews
Interviews are for you as well as your potential employer. While they're checking you out, you get to evaluate them on their technology choices, growth potential and culture, among other things. Keep an eye out for these red flags.
  • They don’t ask many technical questions when you’re interviewing for a technology position. If they don’t assess your technical chops, then what kind of bozos have they hired already?
  • None of the projects or problems or skills the interviewers mention are new to you. Not only is this a recipe for boredom, it could be a warning that the company won’t be a good place to keep your skills current.
  • The personalities seem… off. This is a big one for your peers or other people you’d be working with. If you don’t click, that’s a problem.
  • There are many references to “management” dictating terms. “Management” instead of “my boss” or “the VPs here” is a distancing term, which usually indicates individual engineers feel the higher ups are remote and may be hard to work with.

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