Main image of article Apple's New iMac Pro Fronts Fresh Desktop Lineup
[caption id="attachment_142016" align="aligncenter" width="4032"] iMac Pro iMac Pro[/caption] The new Mac Pro isn’t a thing yet. It may take awhile for it to arrive, too. A few months ago, Apple brass suggested that more developers are choosing iMacs for heavy-duty work, and now, at this year's WWDC, there's a flashy new iMac Pro alongside a revamped iMac lineup and puffed-up Kaby Lake MacBook series. Apple has made iMacs with brighter screens that support 10-bit dithering and over one billion colors. They also have Intel’s new Kaby Lake processors, and the base memory option is now double what it was on older models. The 27-inch model will have Apple’s Fusion Drive standard. All iMacs have two Thunderbolt 3 connections, as well as discreet graphic and GPU bumps under the hood. The 5K iMac can handle VR at 90 frames per second, and will come with a Radeon Pro 570, 575 or 580 GPU with up to 8GB VRAM. [caption id="attachment_142017" align="aligncenter" width="4032"] iMac Pro Accessories iMac Pro Accessories[/caption] The iMac Pro is a top-end beast, starting at $4,999 (5K for $5K!). It has a new fan system to move cooler air in for all of your heavy processing needs, and can be configured from 8-core Xeon processors all the way to 18 cores. It comes with Radon Vega GPUs and can process over 11 teraflops per second (the 5K iMac can do half of that). Its only color is space grey, which is a stark contrast to the now-regular iMac’s silver tone. If that weren’t enough, it also supports up to 128GB ECC memory and a 4TB SSD at 3GB per second read/write. The Pro has four thunderbolt 3 ports, and a 10GB Ethernet port. Apple says it can support up to two 5K UltraPixel displays and two Thunderbolt RAID servers. Meant for VR development, the iMac Pro is downright insane. Starting at $4,999 was a nice footnote, but Apple didn’t tell us what the base model carried – or how much an 18-core 4TB SSD model with a Radeon Pro 580 will cost. It’s available come December. [caption id="attachment_142018" align="aligncenter" width="4032"] iMac Pro ports iMac Pro ports[/caption]