Main image of article Apple iPad 3 Said to Have High Def Screen, LTE Chip
Apple's iPad 3, one of the most anticipated gadgets of 2012, is rumored to have both a high definition display and an LTE chip, according to  Bloomberg. Apple's next iPad began production this month at Foxconn. By next month, manufacturing should reach full volume. The new iPad runs video files instantly (likely it's using an A6 quad-core processor), while the display looks like "printed material"—indicating a higher resolution display (perhaps a retina display, though this may not be likely). Sticking with the latest trend, Apple will use an LTE chip, because the iPad 3 will come with a larger, improved battery. Three people familiar with the product are strongly suggesting that the iPad 3 will be released in March. Apple hasn't yet made an official announcement, but it's well-known that it tends to keep their devices secret until the day of the announcement. Previous reports have said that the next iPad could come in two versions or feature a quad-core processor. Image Credit: Flickr