Are Apple’s salaries as attractive as its prestige? Business Insider looked through data at Glassdoor and found that salaries from Genius Bar workers all the way up to the boardroom directors, Apple pays well. Its engineers tend to be the ones who do best -- outside of the art director. Here’s a breakdown:
  • Apple Store Genius: $38,937
  • Lead Genius: $38,353
  • Assistant Apple Store Manager: $49,176
  • Account Executive: $75,324
  • Financial Analyst: $81,523
  • Software Quality Assurance Engineer: $87,651
  • Business Analyst: $87,768
  • Systems Engineer: $94,119
  • Project Manager: $94,652
  • Mechanical Engineer: $99,900
  • Senior Systems Engineer: $101,794
  • Software Engineer: $103,883
  • Firmware Engineer: $103,985
  • Test Engineer: $104,926
  • Hardware Engineer: $105,316
  • Database Administrator: $105,382
  • Production Design Engineer: $116,019
  • Product Manager: $118,556
  • Senior Hardware Engineer: $124,893
  • Senior Software Engineer: $126,325
  • Art Director: $133,664
Note that these salaries reflect the particularly competitive environment in Silicon Valley where, it should also be pointed out, the cost of living far exceeds the national average. Still, there's clear acknowledgment here list that Apple remains an engineering and innovation-driven company, and when company executives talk about a pipeline full of "insanely great" ideas, they probably aren't kidding. By the way, where does CEO Tim Cook sit on the list? Nowhere. Like his predecessor Steve Jobs, Cook takes a $1 salary and enjoys the additional compensation of generous stock options. No worries. He’s doing fine. How does your salary compare?

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