Main image of article AWS Cloud Institute: A New, Intensive Way to Learn AWS

For those who want to master everything related to the cloud, learning as much as you can about Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud is essential. To that end, Amazon has launched AWS Cloud Institute, a training program for those who want to learn AWS-centric cloud development in a year or less.

AWS Cloud Institute features 12 self-paced courses in its training program. It’s not cheap, with all 12 courses costing $,7560 before tax. If you want to take “one course pace” (with an estimated commitment of 10-12 hours per week), it’ll run you $210 per month; for those who want to finish the program as quickly as possible, the “three course pace” costs $630 per month, with a full-time commitment of 30-40 hours per week.

A full course breakdown is available on AWS’s training website. Coursework covers everything from fundamentals of AWS Cloud to the Python programming language to systems management skills. “The curriculum includes more than 100 interactive labs, two capstone projects, and the creation of a portfolio illustrating the learner’s technical knowledge and capabilities for potential employers,” reads Amazon’s press release about the learning hub’s launch.

The AWS Cloud Institute is part of Amazon’s voluminous training materials around AWS. Other AWS skills-building programs include:

There are also a number of modular learning plans for those who can’t commit to an aggressive training schedule:

Over the past several years, AWS has grown in scale and complexity, offering its users a broad arrangement of compute and storage options. That might seem overwhelming at first, but anyone can master AWS given enough time and attention. For a bit more on AWS learning fundamentals,  check out this episode of “Tech Connects” with Kevin Kelly, Director of Cloud Career Training Programs at AWS:

As Kelly explains during the podcast, anyone who wants to master AWS (and the cloud as a whole) must become familiar with five core concepts:

  • Compute
  • Storage
  • Network
  • Database
  • Security

Learning those fundamentals can help you not only with AWS, but help improve your cloud development skills in general.