Beer MugIn today's grinding world, everyone needs an edge. For men, research has uncovered a new tool in our quest to improve our skills, to work more efficiently, and effectively cultivate our business relationships. Beer. Yes, beer. That hoppy brew that has seen many of us through sad Red Sox games (or Mets games, or Cubs games…), bad sessions of Ghost Recon, or family reunions. Researchers at the University of Illinois in Chicago found evidence that two pints of beer helped men solve brain teasers more accurately. Those who got the beer solved 40 percent more of the teasers, and solved them faster. Said one of the researchers, psychologist Jennifer Wiley:
“We have this assumption, that being able to focus on one part of a problem or having a lot of expertise is better for problem solving ... But that’s not necessarily true. Innovation may happen when people are not so focused. Sometimes it’s good to be distracted.”
One caveat: The beer enhanced problem-solving, but reduced the ability to handle tasks that rely on memory. Puts a whole new spin on Friday beer bashes, doesn't it? Image: Wikimedia