Sometimes WebEx meetings don't run so smoothly. If you're running a real-time communications application, wouldn't you like a little network insight as to what's it's doing? At Interop 2011, Craig Sanderson of Cisco demonstrated the company's Medianet architecture. Video conferences often have hiccups. While WebEx may be a professional grade conferencing application, those connected to the meeting may not have professional grade connections. If something's going south, Medianet is designed to let your application talk to the network and provide answers in real time. Is the problem in the network, or at the end points? For a video conference, the Medianet monitoring map shows data flows between all the connected devices and it offers up information about packet loss, increased jitter, and delay. The promise is to deliver real-time information as to how the network impacts your application, thus allowing the application administrator to get insight into network behavior and troubleshoot problems as they're happening. Watch my demo with Craig Sanderson as he explains.